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Statistics on start-up and shut-down - question about PI archive data compressing

Question asked by Dr.Zhou on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Dr.Zhou

Dear All,


We made a set of Performance Equations to monitor the operation status concerning key equipments. Corresponding PI tags were set to be 1 for start-up while 0 for shutdown, as shown in figure 1.

q3.png figure 1


The above mentioned equipment started before 1-Jan-2019, and then shut down at 5-Jan-2019 11:22:16, and then started again at around 5-Jan-2019 14:28:15, where the red arrow points to.

When I retrieved the data with DataLink PINCompDat fomula, I got the following figure 2.

q1.png figure 2


There are totally 1 round of shut-down and start-up. Why do I got 10 startups and 2 shut-down there? It leads me to the suspect of compressing setting, which I attached here as figure 3.

q2.png figure 3


Could you please point me to the reight direction to get only 1 start-up and 1 shutdown, according to my example here?


Thanks in advance.