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GIS (ESRI) Connection to PI using the PI OLEDB Enterprise driver

Discussion created by Robin Verhoek on May 30, 2012
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I´m trying to connect to the PI System using the OLEDB Enterprise driver in my GIS Software (ArcCatalog).


The Connection can be established but I can not see any data in the tables. The other driver (ODBC) works only with the PI Server and this data can be accessed.


Has anyone an idea what might be the problem?


Generally what are the Pro´s and Con´s against a solution which uses a WebService to access the PI System and puts the data into the GIS Database so it is directly attached to the GIS data, instead of using the Connection via the PI ODBC Enterprise driver in the GIS(which at the moment doesn´t seem to work)?


Thanks for suggestions answers and taking some time to help.


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