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Some Event Table issues

Question asked by Tomas Stark Champion on Jan 15, 2019


we have two issues with the Event Table in PI Vision 2017 R2:


1. In another thread I figured out how to set the DateTime format in the JavaScipt code for the Event Table to use Swedish standard (since the Kendo Grid used for the Event Table does not support it).
I have now added also subseconds, since we use the Event Table to monitor Alarms & Events where subseconds are important. So I changed to dateTimeFormat = "yyy-MM-dd:HH:mm:ss.fff" and it works in the display. However, it seems that the PI Web API does not send the timestamps with subseconds. Is this really the case?

190115 Skärmklipp.JPG


2. Having the text in the Event Table columns center-aligned is a bit frustrating. Ideally it should be possible to choose alignment for each column, as suggested in this post
However, I was thinking that changing it to left-aligned in the JavaScript code wouldn't be too hard. The Kendo Grid object seems to have left-aligned as the default, but I can't find where this is changed to center-aligned. Of course we shouldn't make changes to the original OSIsoft JavaScript code, but I'm thinking of making a custom symbol for this. So, if anyone can point out where to make this change I would be grateful.