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Is there any way to link a Pi Point to a specific attribute field?

Question asked by LTjuanma on Jan 14, 2019
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I would like to know if there is any way or exist a field in the PI Point definition to specify that a new value of that specific pi point belongs to a specific ID.

For example:
I have a bunch of data which represent temperature, that temperature in some cases is measured by device A and in other cases is recorded by device B.
In my case I have an unknown amount of devices recording temperature. Every hour I get the measurements in txt format and then I need to storage it in PI (Not always the same number of devices and sometimes new devices).


My question is if it is possible to only create one pi point in the server to store all the information I have and to associate it with the ID of the device who measured the data.
In that case I would be able to organize the temperatures by devices later.


Thank you all in advance.