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Search for a PI-AF deleted item path

Question asked by Noga on Jan 16, 2019



I wish to keep two PI-AF servers synchronized by adding, updating and deleting any AFObject changed on the source server, to the destination synchronized server.

I use PISystem.GetFindChangedItemsCookie and AFDatabase.FindChangedItems methods to get events for any changed AFObject on the PISystem,

But I am encountering a problem with the delete operation:

When an Item is deleted on the source server, the AFChangeInfo object returned doesn't seem to have any information that may help me retrieve that same deleted object on the destination server in order to delete it there.

How can I get useful information like- the path of the deleted object, so I can locate it on the destination server using AFObject.FindObject() method?

And in case of deleting AFContact, or any 'Library' item (templates, tables etc..) or UOM, how can I delete these items on the destination server?