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    Dynamic time context of new PI Vision display


      Is there a way to dynamically set the time context of a hyperlinked display? Or am I missing something.


      Use case: I have an asset relative display to select parameters of a process batch where one simply selects the batch name. I want to hyperlink the batch name value symbol to open a new tab where more detailed information is shown about the batch, including its positioning in the production timeline MTD and YTD values. The trick is, I want to have the time context of the new display be configured dynamically from a specific time stamp stored in the batch element template. So, the element already has the timestamp. How do I configure a new linked display to inherit this timestamp as its end time?

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          I don't think this is possible with the built-in features of PI Vision. It should be possible to create a custom symbol that would use the attribute value to set the time range of the display, but I'm not positive that even is possible with documented extensibility features. One of the things I would like to see in PI Vision would be the ability to specify attribute values as an alternative to entering hard-coded values (e.g., image paths, URL link targets, multi-state limits, colors, etc.). This is slightly different from that, but being able to set display start and end time values using attribute values would be a similar feature. I suggest that you see if this is already an enhancement request in UserVoice, and if not, that you add it.

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