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Issues PI ACE / Scripting.FileSystemobject

Question asked by RayDP on Jan 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by John Messinger

Hello everyone


     I would appreciate any help.  I will try to explain my issues (sorry for my english, btw)


I made program who collect points, then I put all points on a graph (using google charts examples), send those graphs by email, in a programmed schedule.  All of that works fine


Issues that I'm facing is that I'm trying to move the file I send by email (attached) to a different destination.  To do this, I'm using FSO


fso.CopyFile("c:\info.html", "\\server\graphs\Info.html", overwriteexisting)


And it works, when I debug and run my program for testing, it works fine.  The file is sent to the correct destination, the problem begins when I register my program using PIACEWizard, when I check the time scheduled, the file it's not sent to the new destination, but at  "c:\" the file is working ok, the info is updated



I stop the program and do testing again, and it works fine.  I dunno have an idea about what to do to make my program works when I register it using PIACEWizard.


Thanks in advance,