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OAuth configuration questions

Question asked by tkiehle on Jan 17, 2019

Esri utilizes OAuth 2.0

Pi Integrator seems to employ OAuth based on the documented Redirect URI: https://Esri_Integrator_fqdn:port/api/configuration/utilities/oauthlogin

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I'm getting spotty results and a lot of requests to login again.  It seems tokens are granted but then one side or the other forgets and asks fro credentials again.

The end result is that my time-enabled connection service can not seem to maintain a viable join with my augmented feature layer.  I'm experiencing the same issues whether I'm trying to establish a service to my ArcGIS Online organization or our Enterprise Portal, so I don't think the firewall is the culprit.


Are there other undocumented requirements to establish a time-enabled augemented feature layer service to ArcGIS Online or an Enterprise Portal?


Here's my what I believe are the requirements:

Pi Integrator:

     - be an admin to create services and layers

     - the URL for the augmented feature layer on ArcGIS Online or Portal

     - the App ID

     - a unique identifier to join the augmented feature layer to the key on the Pi layer


     - be a publisher or greater (I have admin priviledges)

     - Register the Pi Integrator App as a Web App

          - get the App ID

          - redirect URI:

               - https://Esri_Integrator_fqdn:port/api/configuration/utilities/oauthlogin



Does the augmented feature layer need to be editable?  Turn off editor tracking?  Shared with Everyone?  Or does sharing permissions not matter?