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    Is PI AF a requirement of PI Server 2018?


      My question concerns a PI Server 2018 architecture where the PI Data Archive (1M tags) is solely required to store process data gathered through multiple OPC HDA interfaces and forward this process data to a second PI Server using multiple PI to PI Interfaces.


      There is no requirement for the PI AF Link subsystem or any other application use of PI AF. The PI Server can be installed without an instance of the PI AF Service therefore what requirements are there for PI AF? Which OSIsoft applications use PI AF and have a requirement to write to the OSIsoft configuration element hierarchy?


      Can this system be configured and work reliably with a minimum single-node server running PI AF and SQL Server?

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          I'm sure an OSISoft employee will be able to provide a detailed response, but I'll offer the following.

          If there is no need to use AF, then an installation with SQL Server Express and a minimal install should suffice.

          If nothing is configured in AF after installing, the system won't grow.

          It may be possible to simply disable the AF application server and analysis services after install.

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              Thank you, you confirm my assumption that there is no reliance on PI AF once the PI DA has been installed and is operating.


              b.t.w. I have recreated this query under the more appropriate All Places > PI Developers Club > PI System Architecture and DesignDiscussions

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                  Rick Davin

                  I think you've focused on too narrow a forum.  The Learning space and PI DevClub reach a smaller audience.  Offhand, I don't know the absolute answer on PI Server 2018, I leave that to Stephen Kwan perhaps.  But I can confirm that the release candidates for PI Server 2018 SP2 do not require an AF Server to be installed in order to install an PI Data Archive.

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                      In order to answer your question, it would be better if you can better describe your use case rather than just technical requirements.  Given that you have placed this question under "PI Vision", I'm assuming your use case involve PI Vision.  However, your original question says that you're only asking about what is basically an aggregation server for multiple OPC HDA interfaces.


                      If all you're doing is aggregating time-series data from multiple OPC HDA interfaces and then using PI-to-PI to move this data to another server, then for this aggregating server, you do not need AF hence you do not need to install PI AF Application Service and you do not need a SQL Server.  However, if your use case is more than just an aggregation server, then please describe what your users will be doing.

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                          Thank you Stephen.

                          The PI Data Archive is placed in the DMZ Level 3.5 network to store and forward process data gathered at the PIN Level 3 by multiple PI OPC HDA Interfaces. Forwarding to the office domain Level 4 network is performed by multiple PI to PI Interfaces at the DMZ Level 3.5. The use case is, as you state, a PI Data Archive acting as an aggregation server and no PI AF applications required.