Initialize PISDK in class constructor

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I would like to ask on behavior of  PI SDK.


I have class in C++ (Manager.cpp) which has private field IPISDKPtr. I initialize this field in constructor, like this:




I have method for getting server by name. Method looks like this:

AbstractServer* Manager::createServer(std::string name)
    PIServer* result;
    ServerPtr spServer;
    MyLock* lock = new MyLock();
    if (name.empty())
        spServer = spPISDK->GetServers()->GetItem("Default"); 
        spServer = spPISDK->GetServers()->GetItem((_bstr_t) name.c_str());
    result = new PIServer(spServer);
    delete lock;
    return result;



When I run this code and try to call this metod, I receive exception (com_error at memory location 0x0271eba0.)


Notice: When I run this code directly inside constructor (after initialization), it works.


any Idea?