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    PI System Explorer - Applying template changes


      Hi all,


      We have an AF implementation and have used Element Templates extensively. Today I was asked to add an attribute to our Base Template which was very straight forward, but in the PI System Explorer I cannot find a way to re-apply the template to all instantiated elements. I can do it individually element by element but I have 1000s of elements. I can use Find -> Derived Elements to get all the elements but I cannot find a way to re-apply the template.


      Does the question make sense and is it possible?



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          Hi Tony,


          Were the elements that you want to re-apply the template to created from the template? Or they are not created from the template and you want to apply the template to the elements?


          As far as I know, if the elements are created from the template then adding a new attribute template to the element template will insert the attribute in all the elements using the template automatically. You shouldn't need to re-apply the element template to the elements again.


          Re-applying the template or Reset to Template can be required if an existing attribute's configuration is already "locked in" and changes to the attribute template doesn't apply to the attribute. One example of attribute configuration being locked in is for attribute with PI Point data reference and you select the option to Create or Update PI Point in PI System Explorer. This Reset to Template action is applied to attribute and not to element though.