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Rookie with Pi to Pi interface

Question asked by mikespath on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by Eugene Lee

Hello Pi Square:

I'm about to embark on a installation that involves a Factory Talk View Data Historian (has a built in Pi archive) and another Pi archive. Rockwell does not allow a connection to it's historian directly so a Pi to Pi interface needs to be setup.

I have setup numerous OPC-DA interfaces and know about setting up a trust first and that data flows in only one direction: in our case it will be from the FTView ("HIST_A") to our Pi archive ("HIST_B").

My question revolves around the tagnames:

1.) Do pipoint names have to be exact on both sides? (I think not but just to be safe)

2.) Does the fieldname for the Instrument tag on HIST_B get the pipoint name from HIST_A?

3.) I have started to read the manual but just looking for landmines before I start the journey.