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How to omit writing of status messages to tags in PI Interface for RDBMS

Question asked by Tomas Stark Champion on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by Dean.Bianchi



we read data from manual roundings from a SQL database with the PI Interface for RDBMS. This means, it may be one, two or three weeks between each timestamp for the tags that the data are written to.


We have unchecked the "Write status to tags on shutdown" flag, but when we had a restart of the server that the interface is running on the status "I/O Timeout" was written to each tag. We have a couple of thousand tags, and want the latest value of the tags to be the last value read from the SQL database and not a status message.


How can we make sure that no status message is written to the tags? Notable is, that the interface wasn't properly shut down before the restart so maybe a proper shutdown before restarting the server omits the writing of "I/O Shutdown"?


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