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User application installation and .NET

Question asked by opamp on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by gregor

I have a .NET application that I created using the AF SDK.

It works and installs fine on my development machine, but when users try to install it, it does not. This has led me to a number of questions.



The application was built using .NET version 4.6.2, but most users only have version 4.5.1 installed (corporate standard). If I try to download and install an earlier version of the AF SDK (so that I can recompile), it doesn't load because I already have a later version.

1. How can I identify and extract the appropriate DLL files for an older version so that I can reference them in my project?



To make the application work, I can have users run the PI-AF-Client_2018-SP1_.exe installation file (or an older version such as PI-AF-Client_2015_.exe) to load .NET 4.6.2 and support files. But this requires admin access (which most users do not have). Plus, in addition to the .NET Framework and AF Client, it loads C++ redistributables, PINS, PI Buffer Subsystem, and Visual Studio Tools for Office.

2. Is there a more streamlined installation method that users can use? Do they need all of those components? Are there some DLL that I can package with my application, so that everything installs at the same time?