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    PI coresight in internet


      How to access our coresight from internet?

      What are the all settings we have to do to see coresight in internet?

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          Hi Chepuri,


          The answer to this question depends on who exactly you're looking to expose Coresight to (employees working offsite, non-employees, etc.) and you current authentication settings/architecture setup. Though there are a number of ways to expose Coresight to a wider audience such as using a DMZ, 3rd party Identity providers, or a reverse Proxy server and each have their pros/cons. I think this discussion would be better had via a case with Tech Support to discuss your specific needs since there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution in this case.




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              The other interesting part of this question is licensing, as the product is supplied with Named user licenses how do you count the number of users using your Vision displays when available over the internet.


              We still have not resolved this issue, anyone can open the display on our internal network but technically we do not have licensing for them !

              So we are still waiting on a solution for this before deploying PI Vision within the company.