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Can you do a roll up of the durations of event frames?

Question asked by caffreys_col on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by bbregenzer

I've been asked to provide data about equipment statuses that are longer than 4 hours in duration. For instance, if there was a pump that was not meant to be run continuously for more than 4 hours, then I could do an analysis and check the total time in a 4 hour period that the pump was running; if that time > 4hours long then I could generate an event frame. The event frame would then end when the pump is stopped.


To do the analysis of how long as a % that the pump was run longer than 4 hours continuously over a week, I'd like to add the duration of all the event frames together for that week and divide by the hours in that week. Does that make sense and is that possible? I've never done roll-ups before so I'm not sure if what I'm suggesting is possible. It would seem a neat solution, although...


I suppose I could just do a timeEq expression to generate the start of the event frame and then do a calc on that expression to get the number I need;

analysis 1 = IF TimeEq(tag1,'*', '*-4h',"On") > 14400 then "ON" …. (14400 is 4 hours in seconds, and tag1 is the pump status; on or off)

analysis 2 = (timeeq(analysis1,'*','*-1week',"ON") / ('*' - '*-1week')) * 100.... gives a % of time where pump ran > 4 hours continuously over the previous week.