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EBR and Audit Trail on RtReports V4.0 and V4.1

Question asked by Patricia_Altran on Feb 5, 2019
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My name is Patricia and till now I've been working with RtReports editor creating and editing RtReports templates. I've never working before with RtReports administration.


But now, I have to manage some things related with RtReports administration and I have some doubts.

I know that RtReports Templates are stored in the PI Server (MDB) and not in RtReport server (let me know if I'm wrong).


So, I would like to know:

- if the audit trail related to the RtReports Templates are stored in the PI Server as well.

- if the EBR (Electronic Batch Record) are stored in the PI Server or in the RtReports server.


I've found that  "Reports and all the data associated with them are stored within the PI System for secure, auditable reports that can contain tracing and logging information" on the RtReports documentation for V3.4, but this statement is not present on RtReports documentation for V4.0.


Many thanks in advance.