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    Make a monthly alarm summary


      Hello, I would like to historicize the value of a certain number of tags that generate an alarm. I would be needing a historical of the value of that tag or alarm in the period of one month. How could I do it?

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          Hi Daniel,


          I think the details here are important in how you can implement your use case. Could you provide more details like

          - How the alarm is set (1=alarm on, 0=off? or "High", "Warning") ?

          - What is your target client application in mind? PI Vision? PI DataLink and other


          Asset Analytics is a key PI Components in calculating and sending alarms. You can even configure Notification and send you an email every month if configurations are done right.

          There can be many way to go so please provide more details on your use case.

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              I have a series of digital tags that at 1 = alarm 0 = normal / off. My idea is to be able to save the value of these tags in a monthly summary and to be able to know how many times that tag is in "alarm" state. I do not have a preference in how to observe it, I just need to generate a kind of file or some way to visivilize those tags. Greetings and thanks for worrying!