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    Building Advanced Displays with PI ProcessBook [Feb 2019] - Introduce Yourself!


      Hi everyone! My name is Kelsey Duffy, and I am the facilitator for the February 2019 section of this course. I'm currently a Product Support Engineer specializing in ProcessBook and the Developer Technologies; I've been a member of the OSIsoft Tech Support team for four years now (the first three in our San Leandro headquarters and the last year in Philadelphia), and I was a Production Engineer for a couple years prior to that where I used ProcessBook, BatchView, and VBA on a daily basis.


      My goals for the course are to give you the tools to feel comfortable developing advanced displays in PI ProcessBook, as well as pointing you in the direction of resources to solve whatever challenges you face -- whether it's finding the right documentation or participating in the discussions on All Things PI.


      A bit about you:

      I'd like to learn a bit about you all! Please comment on this thread with a brief description of yourself, what you want to learn in this course, and anything else you'd like to share. Please also share your time zone so that I can find the best times to do office hours during the course.


      A bit about the course:

      You can find the lecture material and additional information at the course page here: Building Advanced Displays with PI ProcessBook.

      Please post any questions that come up in the Building Advanced Displays with PI ProcessBook discussion forum -- it's better if it's posted publicly because multiple people often have similar questions.

      If you don't want to post in the forum for some reason (e.g. you need to include some proprietary information in your question), then you can send me an email. I'll be reaching out to you all by email soon.


      The course runs through Friday, February 22nd -- three weeks to work through the lecture material and prepare the project. However, it's much better to start wrapping up projects by the beginning of the third week since this allows for us to have some back-and-forth about your project. I will be traveling on February 22nd, so if the project is submitted after business hours on Thursday, February 21st, then I will either be slow to respond to it or will have a colleague respond on my behalf.


      I hope you enjoy the course,


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          Hello everybody! My name is Diogo Farias. I'm from Brazil and currently live in the state of Espírito Santo, in the city of São Mateus.
          I work as a support analyst and my desire with this course is to delve into the tool to be able to provide better support to clients.

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            Hey Everyone,


            My name is John Flaherty; I'm currently an engineer working for PSEG Fossil in Bridgeport, CT.  We're currently building a new combined-cycle power plant and my colleagues and I will be largely responsible for setting up the monitoring displays and asset framework for the plant once things are up and running.  All of the plants in the PSEG fleet use PI, though only the nuclear sites and the newest plant in Sewaren, NJ (commercial operation in June 2018) utilize AF and element relative displays.  I'm hoping to learn some of the more in-depth features of PI and utilize the program to its full potential.

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              Hello, I work with everyone from PSEG in this class at our new power plant in Bridgeport, CT.  We are in the Eastern standard time zone (UTC -5:00).  My experience with PI is limited, but I have just completed the basic displays class and would like to build on those skills and learn about the more advanced capabilities of PI.

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                Hi, Kelsey and class!


                My name is Maggie, and I'm an engineer for PSEG (an energy company based in New Jersey). I work on the generation side of the company in combined cycle power plants along with John Flaherty, michael oakley, and Michael Voytovich.


                Over the past few years I've worked with PI in a very basic capacity - I was able to build trends and simple displays, as well as open data in Excel (which is where I mostly work with the data). I just completed the basics course, where I learned how to build element relative displays and add push buttons/multi-state symbols to my displays. I feel like I've learned so much already, and I'm excited to continue building on my skills in this course!! As my colleagues mentioned, we're going to be involved in building all the PI screens for a new plant we're working on. I want to hone my skills to make our displays the best they can be!