Signup for updates with PIBufss

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Jun 7, 2012
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What are the plans for PIBufss so that PI clients are able to directly signup for updates with an instance of PIBufss instead of a PI Server?  After all PIBufss is more or less a mini, watered down PI Server.  There are two scenarios that I think of:


- being able to "T off" an existing data stream heading to a PI Server so there are no network roundtrips if you have an application close to the source of the data.


- not sending data to a PI Server, but sending data to a "dynamic tag" that a client registers with an instance of PIBufss.  More like a method of data exchange from an OSIsoft interface directly to a client application/system built with AF SDK/MDA.  Possibly even allowing customers to implement custom logic between PIBufss and a PI Server.


Anyway, I am really just fishing to see where that particular feature is heading.