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Changing color of Text in PI vision as per multi state condition-hiding text from PI Vision

Question asked by SupriyaB on Feb 7, 2019
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hi All,

I 'm working on PI vision display and have to hide my text and its respective value w.r.t value of other attribute.

for example I've Pressure attribute(P) and its value(PV) shown in display . I want to show these only if temperature value(T) goes above 50(TV).

My ultimate goal is to hide the P and PV from display once TV >=50. For the same , I have tried using multistate.

However , using multistate I can highlight the text color and hide the same . But if there are many values in display those need to be hidden ; this highlighting doesn't look good to one who looks at the display .

Is there any option, I can change the color of text to background color(so that the value will not be visible ) and as per my TV conditions I can hide the PV?

Or is there any option in PI vision that could be used to hide a text as per some condition(except coding/scripting , if possible)?