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Issue due to Server Name change

Question asked by NIKS on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2019 by NIKS

Dear All,


Initially I had created graphics with server name "DBCBPI" in  my office. During site commissioning i copied all graphics with database pasted to target server name "DBCBPI". After that server has changed. I removed older server name from PI-SDK as well as PI-SMT. New server name is "RRIPICOLL". now i paste same graphics in this server. When you tried to open any graphics, one popup came with message "server DBCBPI is not found. Do you want to replace server with "RRIPICOLL". But this is not working. As soon as graphics opened with new server name, tag in that graphics shows random tag's value.


Is there any solution for this?

you need any other information, please ask me.


Thanks in Advanced.