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IAFAttribute Config String - how to trigger checkIn

Question asked by cymerman on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by David Hearn

Hi, I have question, beacuse I have specific situation that I dont know how to handle...


Let say that Im managing attributes, saving values and changeing ConfigString of attribute, and lets focus on ConfigString


if (attribute.ConfigString.Equals(attribute.Template.ConfigString))
return; //do nothing

attribute.ConfigString = attribute.Template.ConfigString;

This code is working and im fine with it, but what I want to do is to save it, do something like CheckIn on this attribute.


I want to do this because I saw that when Im watching a structure in PiExplorer when I try to close it I have a prompt that i have not saved changes and I need to do checkin manually, i want to do it from code, after my change.

Additionaly I see that in cheanged elements now apprears a icon that saying that they are really not saved.


It would be great if you could help


Regards Tomasz