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    ProcessBook - Losing the AF2 DataSet



      I'm having some problems with ProcessBook, some computers of the company are losing the AF2 supplement and the "Element Relative". We're using these supplements for some applications. If I reinstall the ProcessBooK, the display works again.What can be the problem and what could I do to solve it?



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          Hi Vitor,


          The AF2 and Element Relative options are added to the list if the proper add-ins are enabled. You should be able to demonstrate this on any machine by opening Processbook and going to Tools > Addin Manager.


          Unload the Element Relative Addin, and you should see that option disappear from the list:



          Repeat this process for the AF 2 dataset addin and you should see that option disappear as well:



          So for a machine that this is happening to accidentally, I would first check the Tools > Addin Manager window to see if those two addins are not currently Loaded. Set them to Loaded and confirm that the options now appear in the drop down list. Set them to "Load on Startup" and this should happen every time the application is opened. If you are unable to load them, contacting tech support is the best thing to do, rather than to uninstall and reinstall. We could take a closer look at your machine and try to find the exact reason for the failure, preventing you from having to do such a dramatic workaround every time.



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