Online Training: Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision Online Course (February 2019) - Introduce Yourself

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Hi there!


I'm Georg Ristock, one of your facilitators for the Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision Online Course this month. I've been a Product Support Engineer for OSIsoft in the San Leandro office since January 2017, providing support and training on our full range of software products. I've used PI Vision and our other visualization software extensively, and am looking forward to sharing best practices, tips and tricks, and answer any questions during the course!


The workshop is starting today, February 11th, and will conclude on March 1st.


To start things off, please take a moment to introduce yourself. We'd like to know who you are, your goals for this course, any passions/interests, and anything else you'd like to share!


A few reminders:

  • This is a self-paced course. The course material is available 24/7 here: Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision Discussion Forum You can review the content and try the exercises at your own schedule for the next few weeks.
  • The only requirement for obtaining the certificate of completion for this course is to submit a successful final project to me by the end of the session (March 1st at 12:00pm (Noon) EST (UTC-5)).
  • If you have any questions, please post them on the discussion forums that are actively monitored by me and our other course facilitators, students, and community members. Alternatively, if you'd rather ask via email (due to any proprietary information in your question), please feel free to reach out to me at
  • We typically encourage you to work with your own PI System and own data to create a final project that's meaningful for your work. However, if you do not have access to a working system, you could purchase an optional learning environment for this course for 3 weeks.


Thanks again for joining us and enjoy the course!


Best regards,