Values for multiple tags in a single call with PI SDK

Discussion created by mproit on Jun 12, 2012
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I have 2 use cases:


1) Get a single value (given a single timestamp) for multiple tags (20 to 60 tags is the most common case).


2) Retrieve interval data for multiple tags over time interval. For example, retrieve hourly data for 2 to 20 tags for 5 years.


In both cases, the tag names and times/intervals will be known.


The "client" application, using the PI-SDK, will be running on a separate machine from the PI Server.


Due to the large quantity of data (especially in the second case), it would be ideal for us if we could retrieve the values for multiple tags in a single call to the PI Server using the PI SDK.


Is this possible with the PI SDK? Is there a better solution?