Hackathon: a Journal

Discussion created by scollins Employee on Jun 12, 2012
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Journal, Tuesday 12:07pm


16 hours in, 3 hours of sleep so far


1 midnight Walmart run, 1 star trek movie played, 5+ jokes (ex. James of Exele: 'No sleep, No lunch!')


The participants are eager - but do they know what they're in for?  Caffinated beverages will only go so far.... and we have 24hours left.  The Rovisys A-team is humming along, two Northwestern students are in for the 40hour nosleep long haul, and James from Exele is clearly building some mysterious evil genius PI System application.  The OSIsoft Field Service team has taken the strategic course of melding OSIsoft's challenge with another company hosting the hackathon (Exosite), while the OSIsoft Tech Support team sleeps after lasting till 5am last night. 


Michael, Mathieu and myself are fiddiling with our own projects.  Hopefully we'll conclude before the delirium sets in.  Then we need to judge.


'Till next post