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PI to PI interface for DevClub archives

Question asked by cjrancur on Feb 18, 2019
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Is the PI to PI interface for DevClub archives supposed to act differently than for production systems? Are there DevClub related instructions for setting up the PI to PI interface available somewhere, and are these unique compared to setup for a production system? For example, can the ICU be used for configuration of a PI to PI interface for a DevClub server?


I have a working DevClub AF and Archive server instance located on my Win7 PC. While trying to configure the DevClub licensed version of the PI to PI interface on the same PC using the ICU, I am unable to start a new instance from the BAT file. I tried a KST cleanup from the SDK utility on my PC, but that didn't help. Unfortunately, when I tried to install the interface into the ICU from the BAT file, it fails. I saw Eugene Lee's article about PI to PI interface in a container, and it made no mention of the ICU. Does this interface need to be installed the older way, as before the ICU was available? If so, I've forgotten how, please help if that method is necessary.


Here is a related article from Eugene Lee, Spin up PI to PI Interface container . I don't think I need a separate container, because I was planning to put the interface on my PC. When my PC is down, so is the archive server, so it won't hurt that the interface is down then also, probably, unless I find that I also want to add buffering for this data even when my PC may be down. Does the DevClub license allow installation of the PI to PI interface on separate hardware with buffering, for use with the Dev Club archive server?


I can't get the ICU to recognize the PI to PI file, as shown here. The general tab is greyed out, and the Interface dropdown shows a blank file.PI to PI version is, Uniint release notes show 4.6.2.x, and the ICU is Do I need to upgrade something? (Yes, I'd like to upgrade my Win 7, SP1 PC, but our IT department has control of that, unless I move this DevClub system to a server somewhere.)


I have a production version of PI to PI, not currently in use. I'd like to solve this issue on my PC for DevClub, first. If I can't make the PI to PI interface work on my PC, then as a workaround, would it be acceptable to use a new instance on a licensed, production PI to PI interface for DevClub? I don't really want to re-configure my current interface instances of the Production PI to PI interface, because it was set up for initial configuration and for repair of missing data for a collective. I might need it again if an issue were to arise with data spanning across the collective. Speaking hypothetically, if I decide to make another interface instance on my Production PI to PI license for DevClub, will that be OK as far as licensing, and would it work for the DevClub system?


I thank you in advance and I want to let you know I appreciate your help.