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    PIIntegrator  event view - empty Columns



      I have created a event view in pi integrator. I can see values for some attributes while creating the view in pi integrator, but after creating the view and bring it in excel or PowerBI these columns are empty. Any idea why I can not see the values in excel or powerBI?

      These attributes are output at close of the event. They are not pipoint data reference.


      Analysis Event Frame:



      Event Frame in PSE (shows values)





      Pi Integrator: (show values)

      Excel: (No values)

      PowerBI (No values)



      I am Using:




      Thank you,



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          Hi LS,


          I have a few questions for you so that I can try to reproduce this behavior.


          1. Would you be able to share what the expressions are for the analysis that calculates the values of the "Output at close" attributes? I am wondering whether they are TagTots of another attribute that is a PI point data reference.

          2. For the Integrator view, did you configure the view for Sampled/Interpolated (multiple rows per event frame) or Summarized (one row per event frame) data?

          3. Is there a PI Data Archive Collective serving the data used in the analysis to calculate those "Output at close" values? If so, in PSE if you go to Database > Connections > (right click the Collective) > Switch collective member and refresh the page, do you still see data for the "Output at close" attributes? I am wondering whether one collective member doesn't have data for this time for the attributes used to calculate the "Output at close" attribute values.



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              Hi Laura:

              I am wondering if this is something related to the piintegrator version. I just did a test using version and it works. I can see values in excel or powerBI. Version  create the view with blank values.



              1) The function used in output at close is"

              TagMean('Cost',EventFrame("StartTime"),EventFrame("EndTime")) * EventCount('Cost',EventFrame("StartTime"),EventFrame("EndTime"))

              where attribute Cost  is a pipoint data reference.


              2)  I used Summarized values. I tried with the other options and it didn't work.


              3) We have a collective.


              Thank you!

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              I also tried doing the calculating   in the event template. :





              It  didn't work when I tried to create the view in piintegrator. Columns were in blank. I found a known issue related to this, so I decided to try the calculation in the  output close of the event.


              147135 - Some types of data content return empty columns for formula data reference attributes