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    PI Manual Logger Web customize JavaScript behavior to switch to grid view and collapse by default


      PI Manual Logger Web is a great out of the box tool but when used on iPad and iPhone, every touch counts in the plant. Providing techs with as few clicks as possible is key.

      • 'Switch to grid data entry view' by default

      On page load, once you double-tap on a tour, you are presented with an individual entry. To switch to grid entry, you have to tap on the link which is the following code.

      <button class="button-switchView" data-bind="click: $parent.toggleGridView, visible: $parent.showGridViewLinkOnDataEntrySheet, text: $parent.buttonSwitchViewText">Switch to grid data entry view</button>

      • 'Collapse All' by default

      I see some of these requests in user voice feedback but I don't see a lot of votes. I am wondering if any of you played with altering the JavaScript to have these events (grid and collapse) auto trigger on page load?


      Which file do I start changing in this folder?