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    Connect to PI AF from webpart

    Robin Verhoek

       When trying to connect a webpart to PI AF we are unable to make a connecting. The following messages are shown:8400.PI-system-not-found.png    0871.Cannot-connect-to-server.png


      It works OK when connecting to the PI server. Connecting using PI system explorer works also fine. We have created a trust for the sharepoint server.


      Who has some quick suggestions to solve this?





        • Re: Connect to PI AF from webpart
          Ahmad Fattahi



          It can be a result of several possible issues which requires closer analysis of your set up and log files. I would kindly suggest you to contact our regular Tech Support as they are best equipped to troubleshoot such connectivity issue for you on the spot or on a remote session. OSIsoft vCampus is the best place for programming/architecture type of questions. Hope it helps.