PISDK and Visual Basic 2008

Discussion created by emladeira on Jun 15, 2012
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I used to get values from snapshot using VB6 code and showing them on a label or other control. Now I'm using VB 2008 and the VB 6 code doesn't seem to work on it.


Here the code I'm using:


Private Sub Display_Open()
Dim x As Variant


x = Format(PISDK.GetPoint("\\SERVIDOR\PROC_IT1223001").Data.Snapshot.Value, "0.00")


Label1.Caption = x


When I use "GetPoint" I got this error: "GetPoint is not a member of PISDK" and "Caption is not a member of system.windows.forms.label".


Is there another function I can use to replace GetPoint on VB 2008? If so, how would be the syntax?