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difficulty 'to establish an hourly flow with weight descent to pi process book

Question asked by gianchy on Feb 23, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by gianchy

Hi everybody



I have a scale that continuously feeds additives with a regular weight drop, which depends on the speed of a cochlea.

having said this by applying the formula tag tagval ('tag', '*') - tagval ('tag', '* - 10m) could also be fine.

there is a problem because every time the scale a blender on top of the scale unloading increasing the weight and then unpacking for 10 minutes this calculation of different tag.

therefore it has a "mountains" trend.

How can I calculate a hourly flow in more processbooks?

discarding this weight increase?

I also tried the "range" function, but with every blender's discharge, it averages that is not good.



thanks to all and I hope I was clear