Dynamic SVG in PIGraphics Using XSLT and Element Relative Path

Discussion created by paroda on Jun 17, 2012
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I want to create a dynamic display using the XSLT with PI Graphics. I have a set of xml files with some configuration information. Then i have written an XSLT file to create an SVG file from these xml. The query string would provide the path to the desired xml file. Then the PI Graphic webpart would use the XSLT to generate the SVG file and display. A common XSLT would allow to modify or update later the display of all the xml files easily. The xml files are very simple and devoid of any PI or SVG related data and can be managed by others.


I first tested by generating svg file by applying the XSLT manually in visual studio. Then used this svg file in PI Graphics webpart. The dispaly was OK. I can see the values, trends and bars alright. Then i supplied the PI Graphics webpart with the xml file and the XSLT file. It did the transformation and displayed the graphics but showed NO DATA. The error message was "\\PIServer\e..\Element|Attribute, Invalid tag not found". Is there some limitation on using Element Relative Path in PI Graphics? Or maybe i am missing something!


Any help would be great, thanks,