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PI-RDBMS [ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid Cursor State

Question asked by ClaudioMartinez on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by jowens

Hi everyone,

Im configuring a PI-RDBMS Interface to get data from SQL server into PI server, a fast job I though. I'm DSN ODBC x64, and my provider deliver to me a Store procedure name GetLastValue.


This procedure has 3 parameter but im using 2 cuz last one is optional.

I start testing with just one TAG, and its config template is the following:



xRAL-NEM00001A-C-COEM-PIPIPointCota Embalse Ralcom.s.n.m./SQL= "{CALL dbo.GetLastValue(?,?)};" P1="e99a57b9-64d7-436f-b88c-8091b23e84db" P2=TSWMSfloat32WMS_PI.sql31011


and the WMS_PI.sql file has the following script:

{CALL GetLastValue(?,?)};


and when i start on interactive mode, it shows me the main error:


And PI DA shows Bad input....



so, when i execute sp on MS SSMT, that return i resulset with data like next image:

so, i dont see where can be the cause of this issue!!!


Can somebody in light me about that, please?


Thanks in advance!!!!