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Reduce inappropriate ticket generation

Question asked by UmaSharma on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Roger Palmen

Hi Team,


We are going to start working on a project where our agenda is to reduce the inappropriate ticket generation and notify only the relevant ones. And we are supposed to monitor health of various servers,interfaces,switches,PI applications,network etc. And we need to figure out where the problem reside and notify it to the concerned team. Basically we need to tell the root cause of problem either it be a server or buffer and where is the exact problem.

And same thing we need to display in PI Vision screen.

As mentioned above various things which we need to monitor can you please help us in understanding how should create our AF hierarchy since we are going to use roll ups and all we are confused from what we should start either from server or network since many of the things will be interdependent. and we need to identify where is the problem exactly and notify accordingly.

If you have done something similar please share your knowledge and share any template if you have.


Thanks in advance