Hackathon recap and application code

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Who am i?

Hi! My name is James Sconfitto and i'm from Exele Information Systems in East Rochester, NY. i wanted to share a bit with you about my Hackathon experience.


See my project and download the code here.


The Hackathon

The Hackathon was a treat. It was great meeting new people and getting to share some new ideas. Another realization i had is that 36-ish hours (or however it worked out to be) does not feel like much time to build something with, but getting that much time, all in one chunk, to try an idea is a refreshing opportunity :)


i was surrounded by good people too. i'm super impressed with the college students that won first place! If i walked into the Hackathon while i was in college, i would have had no chance of survival. Also, the RoviSys team came up with (imho) the slickest, most useful solution. i wish i had talked to them more, i could have learned a lot from them.



The application

i created a small website for the application if you want to see it.


My project is a web application. It stores away Tweets that are important to the user. This is useful because access to Twitter's search data isn't publicly accessible through their API past 6-9 days in history. If there's anything working with PI has given me, it's an incredible distaste for losing data.


Monitoring queries i'm interested is enough reason for me to build this out, but i'd imagine that running a marketing campaign or monitoring events and having that data around to examine later could be pretty useful, especially if you want to look back on what has happened in past campaigns.


The code is publicly available if you want to run it and it is released under an open source license. i've spent quite a bit of time lately to ensure it's (fairly) easy to deploy on your own system. If there's any issues, feel free to report it to me on the issues page of my project. i plan to do some more work on the project, as is already evident from the work i've done on it since returning, so if you find it interesting, please look for updates and feel free to join me.



Final Thoughts

Overall, the Hackathon was a great experience and i'm glad i went. If i have another chance to go, i would jump right on it. i learned so much there and loved meeting some great peers.