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AF Analysis TIMEGT Results Differ from Datalink... Difference in Expression Sampling

Question asked by RickSmithJr on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by TimCarmichael

I was building up a training example for monitoring tank overflows starting with a PI Datalink solution and working up through an AF solution and was surprised when the AF Analysis results did not match my PI Datalink solution... I tracked the difference down to the AF Analysis matching the PIAdvCalcFilDat results with expression sampling set to compressed. Unfortunately, the expected results matched the expression sampling method of interpolated...


=PIAdvCalcFilDat('DL-Filtered'!$C$2,'DL-Filtered'!$E$1,'DL-Filtered'!$E$2,'DL-Filtered'!$G$1,"'sinusoid' > 95","count","time-weighted","interpolated","10m",0,1,65,'DL-Filtered'!$C$1)

=PIAdvCalcFilDat('DL-Filtered'!$C$2,'DL-Filtered'!$E$1,'DL-Filtered'!$E$2,'DL-Filtered'!$G$1,"'sinusoid' > 95","count","time-weighted","compressed","10m",0,1,65,'DL-Filtered'!$C$1)


Is there a way for the TIMEGT results to match the PIAdvCalcFilDat results using the interpolated expression sampling?