Rick Davin and Ryan Brown earn the 'Post of the Month' award for the month of May

Discussion created by mhamel Employee on Jun 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by rdavin

Since the start of vCampus, we have had some outstanding posts in forums or blog entries. To appreciate the extremely valuable contribution we continue our 'Post of the Month' initiative.


For the month of May 2012, we have two winners. We would like to congratulate Rick Davin for his post on Tag-Centric Apps and AF SDK 2.5 and Ryan Brown for his post on event pipes. If you have not read Rick and Ryan’s posts, check them out here and here!


Ryan's post exposed how to create a simple console application making use of event pipes (also known for signing up for updates) and he added explanations that forms a tutorial-like example to get started. Rick's blog expressed how to use AF SDK 2.5 to create a tag-centric application.


Once again, many thanks to Rick and Ryan for their outstanding posts. In case you see forum or blog post that deserves recognition, please go ahead and tag them accordingly as “Post of the month June 2012”, or “POM June 2012”. Maybe you are the next POM winner!