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Asset Performance – Teaching old and new machines new tricks

Question asked by chuck on Feb 28, 2019
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(sub-title: the Internet of Manufacturing)

As we prepare for upcoming PI World San Francisco 2019 conference I am reminded of an interview of Enrique Herrera from about this time last year.  You can watch a replay of the video from Facebook -

and dive into a related article from Smart Industry – Gold in Machines if you Know How to Mine it

The takeaways -

  • A Data Infrastructure utilizing Event Frames gives new insights and opportunities to improve operations, quality, uptime, safety
  • Manufacturing plants have older equipment.  Wrapping these with data gives a “virtual” upgrade -  enabling controls, advanced analytics, predictive models, and prescriptive operator guidance
  • AF and Event frames contextualize data adding to value for factory of the future. 
  • Data Infrastructure breaks down information silos and raises data to higher and diverse communities of the enterprise
  • Insights: innovation embraced; ability to support test beds and needs of large enterprises at the same time; supports sustainability.  Manufacturing is cool (message to new grads)
  • Manufacturing has always been surrounded by data, now Data Infrastructure makes it possible for Manufacturing to be in the middle of the data