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Event Frames attributes with indirect PI Point reference are not supported from some AF SDK methods?

Question asked by Mladen on Feb 27, 2019

We have event frame attribute pointing to AF element attribute which have a reference to a PI Point.

Example for the event frame attribute data reference settings:


We need to read the first different than zero value after the particular moment (for example event frame end) and we have two problems:

  1. Which is the most appropriate method in AF SDK for searching first no zero value?
  2. We have found that most AF SDK methods return error messages like that:

  AFAttributeList.Data.RecordedValues(AFTimeRange timeRange, AFBoundaryType boundaryType, string filterExpression, bool includeFilteredValues, PIPagingConfiguration pagingConfig, int maxCount = 0) ->

    The data method 'RecordedValues' is not supported on attribute 'Attribute 'MDOFlow' in Event Frame 'asd'' //asd is the name of the event frame