Getting archived values into a listbox

Discussion created by rdube02 Champion on Jun 19, 2012
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Hi everyone - first post here as a total PI programming newbie. I always considered myself a pretty proficient programmer with VBA, VB and other programming languages, but PI is introducing a whole new set of functions/features to relearn.


I'm currently working on a ProcessBook display where I simply want to insert a listbox, and then load it up with data values from a PI Tag over a series of time. In particular in my case it's a digital state, so I'm just listing change of states inside the listbox.  I've been digging through examples of code - but it seems like there are so many different commands to get data, I'm not sure where to start. Do I create a dataset? Do I try to get archived data?


I know this is probably ultra-simple, but if someone could just point me in the right direction, I'll be on my merry way. :-)