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tooltip for graphic objects converted from processbook to PI Vision

Question asked by JkJung on Mar 2, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by JkJung

Hi PI Users,


We need to maintain a tooltip-like functionality in PI Vision graphic.

When mouse is over an object, corresponding information to be shown

in tooltip window in multiple lines (tabular format).

For graphics, we need to use existing graphics made in ProcessBook.

Existing system is web-based with Processbook and ActiveX technology.


VBA macro was used for the function and now we are trying to link

the event with javascript function. When a page open in PI Vision,

we expected to be able to see HTML file somewhere in file system

so that we can modify the page.  But we do not know.



    1. Is it possible to link mouse event with graphics

       objects made in ProcessBook ?

    2. if yes, how can it be accomplished. 


Thank you