Issue Uninstalling ProcessBook Toolbar Add-In

Discussion created by CalebH on Jun 19, 2012
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I made a ProcessBook Toolbar Add-In (for v3.2 and later) based on the VS2008 version of "ProcessBook 3.x Add-In Templates (C# & VB.NET)" found in the vCampus download center.  All is well and I have it configured to use icons for the buttons.


I made an installer for it via InstallShield 2011 which installs it to the correct directory (\Procbook), runs the Microsoft "extensibilityMSM.msi" when necessary, adds the required registry key (\PI - ProcessBook\Addins), and registers the .dll (via regasm.exe).  After the install everything is working as designed.


When I go to uninstall this toolbar add-in, the .dll is unregistered properly (via regasm.exe), the proper registry keys are removed, and the files are successfully deleted.  However, when starting ProcessBook after an uninstall, the toolbar still shows up.  The toolbar is not listed in Tools->Add-In Manager after uninstall, and all the files/keys are gone.  The tooltip text for the buttons becomes "UnAssigned" and clicking them does nothing.  Is there anything else that needs to be done after uninstalling a ProcessBook toolbar add-in to clean up any leftover cached information?


I've found that deleting the %appdata%\PI System\PI-ProcessBook\en\PBToolbarConfig.ini file and having ProcessBook recreate it during the next time it runs will get rid of the (now) non-existent toolbar, but that is different for each user.  The toolbar is installed for all users, but it seems a bit cluttered to have to try to loop through the %appdata% folders for all accounts and delete the PBToolbarConfig.ini files.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Is there something I'm missing?