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    PITrendXL.xla Programming


      Has anyone tried responding to events on the PI Excel add-in PITrendXL.xla?  I would like to be able to select portions of the trend and have the assoicated data in the Excel data table highlighted (selected).


      Is there a better reference than the PI-Trend Control Programmer's Reference?





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          Hi David,


          I don't think there are any more references with regards to accessing and controlling the PI Trend Control in Excel via VBA. 


          When you say selecting a portion of the trend, are you thinking of zooming into the portion? or you are thinking of using trend cursors to identify the portion?

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              I don't know if you are familiar with the old PIArchiveEditor but it was a handy tool.  However, it only writes to one of the nodes on a PI Collective.  The trend portion of that application (PITrend.ocx) would allow you to 'draw' a box on the trend and return any points within the box.  I thought about trying to use that active-X object, but I have no documentation on that and updating to the newer PITrendXL seemed preferrable.


              The zoom event will reduce the viewable area.  If I could get all of the archived points in that area, I could use them to highlight cells in a spreadsheet for editing.