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    Online Training: Developing Applications with PI AF SDK - March 2019 - Introduce Yourself


      Hello Everyone!


      Welcome to the 3-week online course on Developing Application with the PI AF SDK. My name is Shrey Satpathy and I'm a member of the PI Developer Technologies Support team here at OSIsoft based in San Leandro, CA. My day job involves helping customers, such as yourself utilize the full value of the PI System by helping them build applications custom tailored for their business needs. Over the course of the next three weeks you will take a deep dive into the world of PI AF SDK and learn to leverage it for your specific data needs.


      In this thread I'd like to know a bit about you and your background with PI software. So please introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about what you would like to get out of this course and any other information you'd like to share. Please also share your timezone so that I can pick a time for office hours that aligns with everyone.


      You can find the lecture material and additional information at the course page here: Developing Applications with PI AF SDKPlease post any questions that come up in the Developing Applications with PI AF SDK discussion forum -- it's better if it's posted publicly because oftentimes multiple people have similar questions.

      If you don't want to post in the forum for some reason (e.g. you need to include some proprietary information in your question), then you can send me an email. I'll be reaching out to you all by email soon.


      The course runs through Friday, March 22nd -- three weeks to work through the lecture material and prepare the project. However, it's much better to start wrapping up projects by the beginning of the third week since this allows for us to have some back-and-forth about your project.


      Happy Coding!


      - Shrey Satpathy

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          Hi Shrey and everyone


          My name is Steve Goodwin and I'm a freelance software developer working in the UK ... TZ is GMT here but I'm often around in the evenings so pretty much any-time can be fine with me.


          I already have some production code using a subset of PI AF SDK for fetching various point values from the Data Archive and from things like Table Lookup in the AF server... and it uses Data Pipes ... but there is a great deal I don't know and I have zero experience of Notifications and Event Frames so I'm particularly looking forward to learning in those areas.


          @Shrey ... I will need to have a chat with you about the final project as I do not have access to any PI servers with real data and the final certificate is important to me.


          I do have a Dev Club trial instance of PI Data Archive and PI AF installed on a test domain that I set up last week ... I included all options in the setup and am using a local SQL Server 2014 Express plus I'll (probably) install PI Vision next week.. I will be converting it to a regular paid subscription prior to expiration of the trial ... or sooner if needed.


          I have already loaded "NuGreen", the weather example, and I worked through "Tanks a Million" to try and make sure my install worked OK and I have not found anything that looked like an issue as yet.


          The "Asset Based PI Example Kit for Oil & Gas Well Drilling & Completion" seems complicated but interesting because the company I wrote the production code for works in that area (though I still have a lot to learn there too).


          My dev machine is not on the test domain but I have a Trust set up in DA and I have run apps (inc' VS for debug) "runas /netonly" in the past and that has always worked for me ... and seems to be working fine with my new local DevClub servers as I'm able to read data back into test code from the weather example.


          Looking forward to the next 3 weeks


          Best regards