AF Templates - Enable\Disable attributes

Discussion created by TonyMathIT on Jun 21, 2012
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I have a question regarding AF templates. Can a template have an attribute which allows it to be 'disabled' when instantiated. The best way to explain why we want to do this is by a simple example.




We are working on a large project which is integrating 8 different sites into a single AF structure. Across the eight sites there are a 4 different DCS systems and a number of different PLC systems. One of the benfits AF is providing is that we can create tag names using a defined nomenclature.


We have a piece of equipment we want to create a template for: A vibration transmitter


We would like to create a template which includes ALL of the POSSIBLE signals associated with a vibration transmitter.
We created a composite list of tag types from all the vibration transmitters across all of the sites.


Now we would like to use this template wherever we have a Vibration Transmitter. The problem is that not every instance of a vibration transmitter has all of the signals mentioned.
 One instance may have just the ProcessValue tag
 Another instance will have ProcessValue, HighHigh, High and Trip
 Another Instance will have ProcessValue, HighHigh, High, Trip and Quality
 Another Instance has all of the signals mentioned above
This is an actual example from the project. As it stands we currently have 6 different Vibration Transmitter templates to account for the different combinations.


What I would like to be able to do is have a single template and when I instantiate it I can disable the PI Data Reference attributes which do not apply to this instance.


We have thought of a number of different work arounds. The one which was most hopeful was changing the Data Reference type of an attribute to <None> after instantiation. Unfortuanately as soon as you export and import the project the configuration change on the data reference is lost and the template is re-applied.


Is there a way to have a single template and have some attributes ignored. We do not want to create PI Points for signals we do not have.


I hope this all makes sense.