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Limit notification to once per day w/out using additional PI Point?

Question asked by CarlB on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by CarlB

Hello all,


We have an analysis that monitors the state of breaker (OPEN/CLOSED). When the breaker goes to OPEN the analysis creates an event frame and sends a notification (in this case we’re creating an service request and not sending an email). Sometimes this breaker can run through multiple OPEN/CLOSE cycles per day and we create event frames for each one. The problem lies in the fact that the group receiving the notification only wants to receive one notification a day, on the first event.


I've read that you can map an output variable to a PI Point, do some date/time math and use that in your notification trigger, but do to organizational reasons, I'm trying to avoid burning a PI Point for this. (It would actually be dozens of pi points for each breaker this template is applied to)


I've also seen the Non-repetition Interval in the notification trigger. This may be the route we have to take, but it's not really what the users is looking for. If the first event frame for the day was created at 4:30PM and a notification is sent, the earliest another notification would be sent would be the next day at 4:30PM, even if we had an event at say 1:00pm the next day. Ideally, the next notification to be sent would be the next time an event frame is created after midnight.


So, is there any way to limit notification to once a day, not just a 24 hour period, without burning a PI Point?