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Backfilling data for PI PE tags

Question asked by R.Shende on Mar 6, 2019



This is in regards to the backfilling of the data for the PI PE tags from one PI Server to another.


We have a set of PI PE tags running on one of the PI Server which are currently being migrated to another PI Server. In this process, during the switching process there is some data outage experienced on the PI PE tags being migrated to the other PI Server, for which we want to backfill the data.


Considering the large volume of tags, the feasible option we thought of backfilling is through the PITOPI Interface - running it only for history recovery.


For this PITOPI interface :


1. We have mentioned the point source as that of the - PE Scheduler on PI Server 2 (on which the PE tags were migrated).

2. Overriden location 1 and 4.

3. Selected the option to ignore Exdesc and Instrument tag.


However, while running the PITOPI Instance for history recovery - we observed that the data is not getting pushed from PI Server 1 to PI Server 2.


We are observing the message logs for the points getting successfully loaded for which the point source is matching, however, the next message we see is "0 output points established".


Could you please help us getting answer on this as to :


1. What exactly we are missing here, based on the above explaination ?

2. Is the backfill of this kind possible - PE to PE backfill using PITOPI Interface (hist. recovery instance) ?

3. Any other feasible option that can be adopted ? Consider the large volume of tags (more than 30 K).