Launching Website From Toolbar Button vs. Add-in Form

Discussion created by CalebH on Jun 22, 2012
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In my ProcessBook Toolbar Add-In I've run into a strange quirk regarding opening a browser window with a URL.  When I click a button on a windows form that's part of the add-in, the website opens just fine.  When I click a toolbar button (code in Connect.vb) whose only purpose is to open the website it works fine, but right after the website launches, ProcessBook throws an error:




The code used in both places is identical:






Is there a workaround for this?  Why would launching a URL from the toolbar cause an error even though it was successful? 


To try to make a workaround, I wrote a quick "Friend Shared" function on the windows form (where the code didn't error) to be called by both buttons, but that didn't work either - the toolbar button still caused the error and the windows form button did not.


More info:  this is ProcessBook 3.2.